Surgery For Hyperhidrosis to Stop Sweating for Good

hyperhydrosis surgery

Surgery for hyperhidrosis has┬ámade some great improvements over the years, as doctors are beginning to learn more and more about this condition. However, there are a lot of difficulties that can take place with these surgical procedures, which is why doctors often don’t recommend it unless all other treatment options (antiperspirants, iontophoresis, medications) for excessive […]

Stop Excessive Sweating with Anticholinergic Medications for Hyperhidrosis

anticholinergic drugs hyperhidrosis

There are 3 different kinds of hyperhidrosis and they are classified as being primary, secondary, and generalized hyperhidrosis. With primary hyperhidrosis the sufferer will experience excessive sweating on one location of their body, and the cause is unknown. People who suffer from secondary hyperhidrosis are experiencing excessive sweating due to another type of condition. Meanwhile, […]

Iontophoresis Treatment for Hyperhidrosis – How To Pick Them and How To Use Them

iontophoresis sweaty hands

Iontophoresis machines have been used to treat hyperhidrosis since the 1940s. This electronic treatment is often used for excessive sweating of the hands and feet, but it can also be used for other problem areas as well. This is the next logical step for hyperhidrosis sufferers who have already tried topical solutions like antiperspirants with […]

How To Remove Sweat Stains – Tips and Tricks That Work

how to remove sweat stains

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis then chances are you’ve experienced on more than one occasion sweat stains on your shirt. As if the excessive sweating isn’t enough, you now have to deal with unsightly looking wet stains that discolor your clothes. These unwanted sweat stains will show up boldly on colored shirts and white shirts […]

The 7 Best Antiperspirants for Excessive Underarm Sweating & Overall Hyperhidrosis

antiperspirants for hyperhidrosis treatment

It’s no secret that hyperhidrosis isn’t fun, and when you first realize that excessive sweating is having a negative impact on your life it can be hard finding the right solution to correct the problem. I think one of the best things any hyperhidrosis sufferer can do is invest in a couple good antiperspirants. Finding […]

How To Sweat Less on Your Face – Effective Ways To Stop Facial Sweating

excessive sweating face

Your entire body is covered with eccrine glands. These are secretory skin glands that controls the temperature of our body. The eccrine sweat gland is only found in mammals and is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system. Water is released by the eccrine glands onto the the surface of the skin whenever the internal temperature […]

How To Stop Underarm Sweating and Underarm Odor Naturally

how to stop underarm sweating

When you sweat too much it can make you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and smelly. Definitely one of the worst areas on your body where you can experience excessive sweating are your underarms. Excessive underarm sweating will lead to sweat stains soaking through the shirts you wear, which can make living a social life very challenging. […]

Sweaty Hands and Feet – Full Treatment Overview

sweaty palms and feet

If you constantly have sweaty hands and feet it can make you socially anxious and make you not want to come in contact with other people. Just the slightest touch can trigger your hands and feet to begin sweating immediately. This excessive sweating you experience tends to get even worse when you’re stressed out or […]

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