Diet & Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Stop Heavy Sweating

heavy sweating

Heavy sweating is also known as excessive sweating. The medical name for this problem is hyperhidrosis, which affects more than 3% of the total world population. Even though this problem is life threatening it can have a very negative effect on your social life. The main areas people experience heavy sweating are the palms, feet, […]

Is Acupuncture a Good Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

hyperhidrosis treatment

Hyperhidrosis is not really considered a common problem, yet millions of people suffer from it. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or humid conditions and it doesn’t matter if you’re exercising or not, trickles of sweat always start coming down your face, underarms, or some other area on your body. It doesn’t matter what you […]

What Is The Best Excessive Sweating Treatment?


There is no doubt that excessive sweating is one of the most humiliating and persistent conditions anyone can experience. People who suffer from excessive sweating find themselves sweating uncontrollably for no reason at all. Also known as hyperhidrosis, this problem is often treated using surgical procedures and other medical treatments. However, some people have had […]

Herbs That Can Help If You’re Sweating Too Much

sweating too much

People who sweat too much are not alone. In fact, excessive sweating affects a significant percentage of the human population worldwide. Even though excessive sweating can affect any area of the body, in most cases the underarm is the area that’s usually affected. Many experts have different theories on why excessive sweating occurs, however most […]

What Is The Best Sweaty Feet Cure?

sweaty feet cure

Sweating is a normal part of our body’s daily function, as it assists us with cooling down and flushing out toxins and excess liquid. However, when our feet sweat more than they need to this can create a very embarrassing and unhealthy problem. Excessive foot sweating can cause foul foot odor, and even worse, sweaty […]

How to Prevent Sweating

how to prevent sweating

Excessive sweating is a problem that many people find themselves dealing with on a daily basis. This humiliating problem can cause you to struggle in life when it comes to social settings. In fact, you won’t even want to come in contact with other people when you’re suffering from excessive sweating. What’s Excessive Sweating Learning […]

How to Stop Sweaty Armpits

how to stop sweaty armpits

If you suffer from excessive underarm sweating you know just how bothersome and embarrassing of a problem it can be. Constantly sweating in your underarm area no matter what you do, sweat stains soaking all the shirts you wear, and always worrying if people notice that you’re sweating can make anyone go crazy. Before we […]

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