Diet & Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Stop Heavy Sweating

Heavy sweating is also known as excessive sweating. The medical name for this problem is hyperhidrosis, which affects more than 3% of the total world population. Even though this problem is life threatening it can have a very negative effect on your social life. The main areas people experience heavy sweating are the palms, feet, and underarm areas. However, excessive sweating is something that can affect a person anywhere on their body.

Some of the common factors that are often associated with the cause of this condition are obesity, over-active thyroid gland, panic attack, and spinal cord injury. However, most experts believe the cause of hyperhidrosis is due to genetics or family history of the condition.

Besides treatment there are a number of different lifestyle and diet changes you can make to help prevent and reduce the severity of this problem. Some of the best diet and lifestyle changes you can make to combat heavy sweating include:

Take a shower daily – When you take a shower it will help cool down your body temperature which will help stop your body from sweating excessively. Also, taking a shower regularly will help get rid of the amount of bacteria that may be on your skin due to the heavy sweating.

Watch what you eat – Your diet can play a key role in preventing and reducing the severity of your sweating problem. This is because some foods or drinks will end up making you sweat more than you’re supposed to.

Some of the main culprits you should try to remove from your daily diet or decrease how often you consume them include coffee, spicy foods, greasy foods. Capsaicin is a chemical that most spicy foods contain, and this chemical compound will stimulate heat sensitive nerves. These nerves will deliver signals to the brain that your body is overheating, and then your brain will respond by activating your sweat glands to reduce your body’s temperature.

Coffee contains caffeine that will activate your sweat glands. Also, caffeine may trigger anxiety, which is a known trigger of hyperhidrosis. Greasy and spicy foods can make your body accumulate extra dampness, which will lead to more excessive sweating. It’s also a good idea to avoid strong odor foods like garlic because when you sweat it out your body odor might not be pleasant.

Learn to relax – Stress and stressful situations are known triggers of profuse sweating and if you can learn how to relax and reduce stress you’ll end up sweating less. Start practicing relaxation methods like meditation or yoga and start controlling the stress that leads to your heavy sweating.

Wear natural fiber clothes – Silk, cotton, and wool are all natural fibers that are great for people who sweat too much because they let your skin breathe. The more you skin can breathe the less it will sweat.

AntiperspirantsAntiperspirants are not only good for stopping underarm sweat, but also you can apply some antiperspirants to other areas that sweat too much like your feet and hands. Drysol is probably the most popular and one of the most effective antiperspirants of them all. Apply it to the affected area at night time before you go to bed to reduce sweating.

Regularly change your shoes – If your feet sweat excessively it’s in your best interest to change your shoes regularly to avoid irritation and foul odor. Give soaked shoes at least a couple of days to fully dry before wearing again. The same is true with socks or pantyhose that have cotton soles.

Go barefoot if you can – If you suffer from sweaty feet make sure you go barefoot every once in a while. You could also slip your feet out your shoes as often as you can to let your feet breath and get some air.

Wear dark or white clothes – Dark colored clothes and white clothes won’t reduce sweating but they’ll help decrease the signs of heavy sweating.

Manage your weight – Keeping off extra weight is vital if you want to decrease how often you sweat. This is because additional weight will make your body work much harder and therefore you’ll start to sweat more. Moreover, your body will need more sweat to cool your body down when you are overweight. Focus on eating a healthier diet to help keep excess pounds away.

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