Herbs That Can Help If You’re Sweating Too Much

People who sweat too much are not alone. In fact, excessive sweating affects a significant percentage of the human population worldwide. Even though excessive sweating can affect any area of the body, in most cases the underarm is the area that’s usually affected.

Many experts have different theories on why excessive sweating occurs, however most doctors believe excessive sympathetic stimulation of the eccrine sweat glands are to blame. Another cause of excessive sweating is due to family history of this problem.


What You Should Know About Herbal Remedies

If you want to stop sweating too much there are actually herbs that can help you. Herbs have been around for years helping people cure different diseases.

When you decide to use any herb to treat your condition make sure you use fresh or dried herbs instead of the ones that come in capsule forms. Just like vegetables and fruits, the best way to take herbs is to take them fresh. Be consistent with any herb you decide to use as a remedy to treat your excessive sweating.

Herbs are effective but they’re not a miracle drug. So don’t expect them to give you great results after using them one or two times. With any of the herbs you decide to use for your condition make sure you use it each day for about 2 weeks.


sweating too much

One of the herbs that is commonly used to help deal with excessive sweating is astragalus. This herb is native to China, and has been used as a Chinese medicine for a number of years.

There are more than 2,000 different species of this herb, but astragalus mongholicus and astragalus membranaceus are the two that are mostly used for health reasons. This herb is considered an amphoteric (capable of reacting as an acid) to sweating, which will lead to the reduction of excessive sweating or increasing the loss of sweating.


stop excessive sweating

Another very popular herb for treating excessive sweat is sage. This popular herb is part of the mint family, and is normally found in the Mediterranean region.

Sage is believed to help people who sweat too much because its astringent, estrogenic, antispasmodic, hypoglycemic, and anhidrotic properties. However, it’s believed that ethereal oil is the active substance in sage that helps control the secretion of the sweat to a normal rate. Sage will also help reduce sweating by regulating the central nervous system, which is what controls the sweat glands.

There are a few ways you can take sage in order to help with reducing the rate of sweating. The most popular way to use this remedy is to simply boil a sage tea bag for a few minutes and then drink it.

The tea will have a very earthy smell and taste to it that you may not like. You can squeeze a little lemon juice and add a small amount of honey to the tea to improve the taste. Make sure the tea cools down a little before you drink it.

Along with drinking the freshly brewed sweat tea you should also apply some of it to areas on your body that sweat too much. If you really can’t stand the taste of the tea then try taking sage tea capsules daily. The capsule form is not as effective as the tea, but it can help if you take them routinely.

Schisandra Berry


This herb is also known as five flavor berry and fruit of five flavors. Schisandra berry is a woody vine that has various small red berries. These berries is primarily grown in Asian countries like China and Korea. Russia is also known as a place to find these beneficial berries.

Schisandra berry helps reduce sweating and night sweats by promoting proper secretion of body fluids. It’s is also known as an adaptogen, which will help your body stop from sweating during stressful situations.

You can eat some of the berries or take it in liquid extract form. There are also schisandra berry capsules you can take too, but try to eat the fresh berries if you can.

White Peony Root

white pheony

White Peony Root is a Chinese herb that has been used as a herbal remedy for years. This herb helps you to sweat less by balancing your sweat response, and will also help increase or reduce sweat as required. This herb is especially effective against spontaneous sweating.



Wheatgrass is a grass that’s part of the wheat family. Thanks to the many nutrients like calcium, vitamins, chlorophyll, and magnesium it’s used as a herbal remedy for various health problems.

It’s the high amount of chlorophyll in wheatgrass that helps control and reduce excessive sweating. Also, wheatgrass will help detoxify the blood and remove acids and toxins that contribute excessive sweating.

You can drink wheatgrass juice daily by crushing up the wheatgrass and then extracting the juices. You could also throw the grass into a food processor and chop it up. Strain out the juices and drink like it is. Look for wheatgrass supplements at your local health food store if you can’t find fresh wheatgrass.

If you find yourself sweating too much these are the some of the best herbs to use to help keep your condition under control. Remember that fresh herbs are always better than capsule or dried form, and stay consistent with taking them to get the best results.

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