How To Stop Underarm Sweating and Underarm Odor Naturally

When you sweat too much it can make you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and smelly. Definitely one of the worst areas on your body where you can experience excessive sweating are your underarms.

Excessive underarm sweating will lead to sweat stains soaking through the shirts you wear, which can make living a social life very challenging. However, if you want to learn how to stop underarm sweating there is some good news. If you use a combination of these treatments listed here you should be able to at least reduce how much you sweat.

Baking Soda

how to stop underarm sweating

The alkaline in baking soda can help stop excessive underarm sweating by counteracting with the acid your sweat contains and making it evaporate. To use baking soda as treatment you need to combine equal parts of baking soda and water until it creates a paste.

This baking soda paste should be thick enough to coat the skin when you put it on. Apply this paste to your underarm area and allow it to stay there for a half an hour before removing.

Check out this quick video below of how to make homemade baking soda paste,  She is making the paste to treat stings and bites, but obviously you would use the paste to help you sweat less.

To make this home remedy more effective make sure your armpits are shaven so the baking soda can coat the sweat glands better. If you’re using any kind of prescription antiperspirant you can use baking soda along with it for great results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

how to stop underarm sweating naturally

Not only is vinegar great for stopping underarm sweat, but it will also get rid of the odor that this condition is known to cause. Apply the apple cider vinegar to the affected area and allow it to air dry. The vinegar will dry out your skin using it’s astringent properties.

The best time to put on the vinegar is at night right before you go to bed. When you wake up in the morning the vinegar would have been soaked up by your skin already and give you extra protection from excessive sweating.


how to stop underarm sweating fast

Driclor is a type of antiperspirant that contains a high amount of aluminum chloride. When you apply driclor on your underarm it will block the sweat glands so that they don’t produce perspiration.

It’s best to apply driclor and block your sweat glands when they are not very active, which is during the night while you sleep. Applying this antiperspirant on your underarm area will give you the best effect.

Since this deodorant can cost some money it’s best to start off with 1 to 2 applications each day until your excessive sweating stops. After that then you can reduce how often you apply the driclor. You can also use this product on your hands and feet if you experience excessive sweating on those areas too.

How To Stop The Odor

how to stop underarm sweating odor

When you armpits sweat excessively another problem that commonly comes along with it is foul body odor. The medical name for this problem is Bromhidrosis, and in order to prevent this problem you need to kill the bacteria that develops in the underarm area due to the excessive sweating.

You can get rid of this bacteria causing the pungent odor by using treatments with high acidic levels.



Vinegar is one of these acidic treatments that can help you fight off the odor associated with excessive underarm sweating. When you apply the vinegar it will help dry up the area and also the acidic content in it will eliminate the bacteria.

Lemon Juice

how to stop underarm sweating overnight

Another acidic treatment that can neutralize the body odor coming from your armpit area is lemon juice. The citric acid lemon juice contains will help to kill the bacteria that’s causing the odor problems.


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