Is Acupuncture a Good Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

Hyperhidrosis is not really considered a common problem, yet millions of people suffer from it. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or humid conditions and it doesn’t matter if you’re exercising or not, trickles of sweat always start coming down your face, underarms, or some other area on your body. It doesn’t matter what you do these beads of sweat continue to flow out your body uncontrollably.

There are various methods for treating this excessive sweating condition, but finding the best one that will work for you can be a challenge. Considered a good hyperhidrosis treatment for a very long time, acupuncture is one of these effective methods.

How Do You Know You’ve Got Hyperhidrosis?

Well, how do you even know if you’ve got hyperhidrosis?

  • If you sweat so much that it makes you hard to live your life on a daily basis.
  • If you sweat all the time no matter the conditions or circumstances.

Various medical experts have different views on what actually causes this condition. Some doctors speculate that the main cause is probably due to something inside the brain.

Common causes include genetics and some other kind of health condition like hyperthyroidism. If you sweat excessively due to genetics it’s known as primary hyperhidrosis. If you suffer from excessive sweating due to another type of health disorder it’s known as secondary hyperhidrosis.

What is Acupuncture

hyperhidrosis treatment

Originating in China, Acupuncture is a Chinese therapy that has been used for many years. Acupuncture involves placing thin needles in your skin at specific areas on your body.

Once the needles are placed into your body chi energy will flow throughout your body on pathways known as meridians. This energy flow is supposed to unblock your chi and help it regain it’s balance.

How Does This Help With Hyperhidrosis?

Acupuncture can help treat hyperhidrosis in a couple of ways. If you suffer from secondary hyperhidrosis and the cause of your excessive sweating is due to anxiety or stress, then acupuncture may help stop these triggers.

Another way acupuncture helps is by helping to balance overstimulated nerves and help stop them from becoming overactive. By doing this you’ll be able to regulate your body’s temperature better and decrease sweating.

Some acupuncturists will use herbs with the acupuncture treatment to help with bringing balance to your body. Some hyperhidrosis patients will often have to undergo several sessions in a short time.

What Happens

Your acupuncturist will ask you a few questions first about your condition to determine the severity of it. During the questions the acupuncture provider will ask you when you sweat, what you eat, when you go to sleep, what you like to drink, how often you exercise, and other questions. The questions and physical examination the provider puts you through are required in order to design a treatment plan that’s specific to your situation.

The acupuncturist will then begin searching for areas on your body to get access to the chi that’s being blocked. All of the points relates to a specific health issue or bodily functions.

Once the acupuncture provider locates the points on your body to place the needles he or she will poke the thin needles into your body. There will be a number of different needles poked into your skin, and some will be placed deeper than others. Each session will last at least 15 minutes to as long as 60 minutes.

Check out this quick video below to get a visual of how acupuncture is performed generally. 

How Does It Feel

When the needles first penetrate your skin you might feel a little pressure, but it doesn’t really hurt. You will probably feel a little itch, tingle, or a little numb. Acupuncturists claim that the different sensations you feel is an indication that the energy flow (chi) has been accessed.



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