The 7 Best Antiperspirants for Excessive Underarm Sweating & Overall Hyperhidrosis

antiperspirants for hyperhidrosis treatment

It’s no secret that hyperhidrosis isn’t fun, and when you first realize that excessive sweating is having a negative impact on your life it can be hard finding the right solution to correct the problem. I think one of the best things any hyperhidrosis sufferer can do is invest in a couple good antiperspirants. Finding […]

How To Sweat Less on Your Face – Effective Ways To Stop Facial Sweating

excessive sweating face

Your entire body is covered with eccrine glands. These are secretory skin glands that controls the temperature of our body. The eccrine sweat gland is only found in mammals and is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system. Water is released by the eccrine glands onto the the surface of the skin whenever the internal temperature […]

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