Iontophoresis Treatment for Hyperhidrosis – How To Pick Them and How To Use Them

iontophoresis sweaty hands

Iontophoresis machines have been used to treat hyperhidrosis since the 1940s. This electronic treatment is often used for excessive sweating of the hands and feet, but it can also be used for other problem areas as well. This is the next logical step for hyperhidrosis sufferers who have already tried topical solutions like antiperspirants with […]

What Is The Best Sweaty Feet Cure?

sweaty feet cure

Sweating is a normal part of our body’s daily function, as it assists us with cooling down and flushing out toxins and excess liquid. However, when our feet sweat more than they need to this can create a very embarrassing and unhealthy problem. Excessive foot sweating can cause foul foot odor, and even worse, sweaty […]

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